The website is FULLY Developed. You don't have to worry about programming, graphic design, coding integrations etc, All you have to do is market the website using the right method and you are on your way to big profits! This website is fully integrated with Paypal Instant Notification system, once customer checkout from your website, it will automatically bring your customers to a paypal payment page, paypal will then sending a notification to the server after payment accepted, and the system will do the rest.

Since the system is fully automated with paypal, so you don't have to pay hundreds to get a merchant account for the business, this is the greatest chance to own a high demand + profitable business you ever see! This website allows visitors to search and post pics & ads. The ads are detailed with descriptions, photos, business information and contact forms.

People can also list for a fee. After someone has registered, he/she is able to select and buy a package depending on the exposure they would like and for the length of time they would like to be listed. Payment can be done via PayPal and registration is automated.

User Admin panel for models:
Displays membership plans and limitations
Add/edit profile.
Add/edit work experience.
Upload/Delete photos
Add titles and descriptions to photos
Change Password
Update Email

Useradmin panel for agents:
Edit/delete own account.
Browse models.
To get details of models they need to send request to administrator.
Administrator will send details by email.

Siteadmin panel:
1. Admin can add/edit/delete listings
2. Admin can add/edit/delete unlimited categories/members
3. Admin can view members
4. Mailing list manager - send emails
5. Banner manager - view/delete banners
6. Manage the site settings - title, keywords, description, paypal email, Contact email, members address, agreement, add/edit/delete different priorities and prices.
7. Admin info - change username, password, name, email

Users can register for the site for free and the process is automated. For paid accounts the administrator receives confirmation from PayPal that a user has signed up, they are then automatically upgraded by the system and can access the new features straight away. You can quickly configure a site opt-in newsletter that you can use to promote your other businesses, promote partner programs or sell ad space on.

As the owner of this internet business, you will not only have the benefit of an entrepreneurial lifestyle in running your own business, but also the pleasure of improving peoples health and creating "Happy Families" everywhere.

Also it has Google Adsense Ads for extra revenue.

Membership - You can use your website for setting up a amount for displaying the services by service provider in a monthly or yearly basis as you like. It generates a good amount of revenue.

Link Advertisement - You can use your website for setting up a amount for displaying the services by service provider in a monthly or yearly basis as you like. It generates a good amount of revenue.

Banner Ad Space - You can use your website to sell as much additional ad space as you wish! Charge whatever you want. Great way to make recurring monthly income!

Website Purchase Includes:

  • Domain name: You can use your existing or We can make a purchase on your behalf.
  • Hosting on a Dedicated and Reliable server is from $5.00 per month. You are able to choose your own package. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months prepayment options.

  • Complete license to your website design, graphics, and programming for your installed domain only.
  • Complete turnkey operation. No training needed.
  • FREE! We can insert your Google, Amazon etc. code to your site at no additional charge!
  • FREE! Friendly and Professional E-mail support for as long as you host with us.
  • FREE! We will submit your websites to all main search engines.
  • FREE BONUS! We will also give you free access to our marketing guides.

Payment and Shipping

We accept PayPal payments in multiple currencies (using a checking account, credit and debit card).

After you pay you will get an information about how to sign up for your domain name and hosting account. Once you do that we will configure your domain nameservers, create a hosting account and set up the website. Then we will send you your cPanel (the control panel for your hosting account) information, your website details, your bonus software downloads.

Warranty and Guarantee

The complete set of websites, contents, product downloads and scripts are guaranteed to work at the time when the website is set up and transferred to you.


If you need any customization on the design or features, we can do it. But it will be charge extra on the hourly rate of $8. We can add new features or modify existing one as per your requirements.

Internet Marketing/SEO Services

We are also providing SEO Services through which we promoting the site and bringing good traffic along with make target keywords on Google first page. We are also provides guranteed Top 10 Ranking services.

Complete Website Cost:
Discount : 20 %
Offer Price : $100.00

Enter Coupon / Referral Code:

Essential Requirements:
(If you have any of these, leave the box unchecked)
Book Your Domain (+ $13.00)
Book for Web-Hosting
     Yearly Hosting Services Fees (+ $50.00)

Additional Recommendations (Optional):
 Search Engine Optimization (For better revenue)
Design Customization

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