What is Online Homebased Business all about?

Making money online is a very profitable and most exciting opportunity available for anyone. Imagine being able to take orders every hour of the day on autopilot. Whether you are looking to make your wildest dreams come true or just looking to make some extra money for that new car, credit cards, etc., this is the easiest way to start down that road of financial freedom. Lets see. The average annual income of an employee in the US is $26,000. The average annual income of a successful online home business in the US is $50,250. 20% of home based Internet entrepreneurs reported their businesses grossed between $100,000 and $500,000! So what are you waiting for? ClassyHost webdesign network has everything to make you rich in a short period of time!

What is YouTube Video Website and how does it make revenues?

YouTube video website is a site displaying some interesting videos on a specific topic.

All the videos are coming from YouTube site automatically. It generally updates the site with new videos. It is not Google AdSense video. Currently, the online visitors prefer viewing videos to watching images or reading text. So it is a great opportunity for you to hold on the visitor or bringing the visitor to your site through which you can sell some products or generate revenue through click events.

YouTube Video Site Features:

Top Rated: This particular section of the website displays videos that are highly rated by the YouTube users on a scale of 5 stars. Remember, all the videos here are exclusively based on the theme your site belongs to.

Top Favorites: It shows videos that are most favored and bookmarked by YouTube users. Such videos have been saved to the 'YouTube Favorites' list by different users, so that they can easily access the videos for viewing in the future.

Most Viewed: The section contains YouTube videos relating to your category, having the highest number of views. Users have watched these videos in large numbers, thereby indicating the maximum curiosity for their contents.

Most Recent: In this section of the website, you will have the latest videos added to YouTube under your site category. Watch out for this space for fresh content that is going to be popular very soon.

Most Discussed: It consists of YouTube videos that are most commented by other users on this video sharing website. So, those videos relating to your site category are the most talked-about stuff in the web world.

User Forum Section - This is giving an good opportunity to users to share their views on the products, services or any other stuff which they wants the opinion of others and share the views on various topics.

Most Responded: The section has videos that invite maximum response from other users in terms of comments posted, likes, dislikes, sharing them via email or social networking sites, embedding the video, etc.

Recently Featured: Here, you can come across several recently featured or Spotlight Videos, i.e. YouTube has picked out some of the latest, highly-rated videos for the consideration of others.

Categories: There are multiple categories under which the videos are displayed. The category can be edited/deleted or added through admin section.

Sponsored Links: This section is meant for the addition of banner, ads or text links of your affiliate partners, sponsors or clients. Revenue is generated for you when someone clicks on them or makes a purchase thereafter.

Recent Post: It displays the most recent posts added to your blog section. It keeps updating on a regular basis with fresh posts to offer more and more interesting information relating to your theme.

News: This section offers the latest news events concerning the YouTube Video Site theme. These are obtained through RSS feeds in real time from other websites. Keep abreast of the current happenings with the 'News' section.

Your income sources & profit

This Amazon Affiliate websites will Help you with the numerous ways for making money.

Google Adsense - This Website is already SEO optimized for the best ads! You will get paid $0.01 to over $35 every time someone clicks on these ads. With google ads, website visitors equals money for you!

Amazon - This website comes fully stocked with products already listed and available for sale on your website. New products released will automatically be updated on the site. Get paid up to 5-25% per product you sell.

Banner Ad Space - You can use your website to sell as much additional ad space as you wish! Charge whatever you want. Great way to make recurring monthly income!

Website Purchase Includes:

  • Domain name: You can use your existing or We can make a purchase on your behalf.
  • Hosting on a Dedicated and Reliable server is from $5.00 per month. You are able to choose your own package. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months prepayment options.

  • Complete license to your website design, graphics, and programming for your installed domain only.
  • Complete turnkey operation. No training needed.
  • FREE! We can insert your Google, Amazon etc. code to your site at no additional charge!
  • FREE! Friendly and Professional E-mail support for as long as you host with us.
  • FREE! We will submit your websites to all main search engines.
  • FREE BONUS! We will also give you free access to our marketing guides.

Payment and Shipping

We accept PayPal payments in multiple currencies (using a checking account, credit and debit card).

After you pay you will get an information about how to sign up for your domain name and hosting account. Once you do that we will configure your domain nameservers, create a hosting account and set up the website. Then we will send you your cPanel (the control panel for your hosting account) information, your website details, your bonus software downloads.

Warranty and Guarantee

The complete set of websites, contents, product downloads and scripts are guaranteed to work at the time when the website is set up and transferred to you.


If you need any customization on the design or features, we can do it. But it will be charge extra on the hourly rate of $8. We can add new features or modify existing one as per your requirements.

Internet Marketing/SEO Services

We are also providing SEO Services through which we promoting the site and bringing good traffic along with make target keywords on Google first page. We are also provides guranteed Top 10 Ranking services.

Complete Website Cost:
Discount : 30 %
Offer Price : $105.00

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Essential Requirements:
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Book Your Domain (+ $13.00)
Book for Web-Hosting
     Yearly Hosting Services Fees (+ $50.00)

Additional Recommendations (Optional):
 Search Engine Optimization (For better revenue)
Design Customization

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