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Want to Make Your Website Popular? 50 Top Secrets Exposed!
Wednesday, October 24, 2012- By admin Comments (0)

Who doesn't want to make his/her website popular? However, the matter of concern is how to do it. Following are 60 most effective ways to enhance the reputation of your site.

  • If you're going to launch a brand new website, prepare an introduction for the site and submit it to numerous social networking websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

  • Let your friends tag your most excellent written work in Digg. It is a website permitting users to vote in the favor of or against articles. Your friends can assist you in taking your article in the correct path. If your article is unique and appealing, you can receive plenty of traffic to the site.

  • Focus on building Social Authority on Digg by posting attention-getting content regularly. Keep submitting, digging and commenting on the content posted by other users to make your profile more and more noticeable. Consequently, other users will do the same with your content and the number of votes you receive will shoot up.

  • Build a Yahoo Group in the specialized area your site deals in.

  • Open an account on MySpace. This is a great way to promote your website.

  • Create a bookmark of your site on Del.icio.us and add a link to your homepage.

  • Open an account on Technorati which is the blog search engine. Make use of Technorati Tags. It collects the most recent blog entries and arranges them into various categories. So as to get listed under the precise Technorati categories, you need to attach a tag to your blog posts. In this manner, you will come to the notice of other site owners and bloggers who can link up to you. Make use of a Tag Generator tool to generate Technorati Tags. All you need to do is type the keyword, and the tool will automatically create the code for the tag.

  • Post your website to several search engine directories free of cost.

  • Post a classified ad related to your online business for free on Gumtree.

  • Open an account on StumbleUpon and persuade your friends to stumble your website.

  • Write multiple articles based on your targeted keywords and submit them to many popular article directories.

  • DMOZ.org is the premier open directory project. Submit your site to it; it deserves to be there!

  • Keep every possible communication channel open so that your potential customers can contact you easily. A chat or email account on Skype, Gmail or Yahoo will certainly complement your physical office address or telephone.

  • Build a sitemap of your website and get it submitted to Google Index.

  • Employ your Gmail account for Google Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tools.

  • Get registered with an affiliate program to put your product on sale, or if you display affiliate ads on your site, you can earn some money!

  • Run a viral campaign on video sharing websites such as YouTube and Google Video.

  • Make a contribution to areas related to your business on Wikipedia.

  • Make a request to other webmasters and bloggers to appraise your site critically.

  • Promote your website on relevant forums.

  • Integrate a Sitemap on your website not only to let visitors to move between webpages rapidly but also assist the search engine robots.

  • Concentrate on generating list-posts. Web users prefer to link to such content. For example, top 10 ways to boost site traffic, top 5 website design mistakes to avoid, etc. Your list-post must be put on a highly visible place on your site.

  • Post comments on other blog entries. It is recommended all the time to fill out the URL box for the blog owner to locate your site. Replying to other persons’ queries gets them interested and that is an effectual means to trigger a web-based pursuit for you and your site.

  • Show a prompt response to comments that are posted on your blog. When the queries of other individuals are replied, you happen to be the authority. Consequently, these people have no option left but to link to the authority.

  • Reply to your emails quickly. Be dedicated, be patient and assist individuals with their queries. Being cooperative to others will garner regard and link support for you.

  • Establish a link to other blogs. When you link to appealing content on other blogs, they will reciprocate by linking back to appealing content that you possess.

  • Create an account on MyBlogLog. Bloggers visit this place to interact with one another and discover novel blogging friends.

  • Commence a community on MyBlogLog.com. Building your own community permits other users to join. Socialize and invite others to take part in your community. This gives more exposure to your site among a large number of bloggers.

  • Proofread your posts prior to their publication. Ensure that they are right before you exhibit them to the world. Ascertain that your write up is simple to interpret and correct from grammar point of view.

  • As mentioned earlier, submit articles to article directories. These sites will let you to incorporate a link back to your website in the resource box of the article. It is advisable to write on any topic related to your website in approximately 500 words.

  • Write testimonies for websites whose services have served you well. They frequently transform into links, and the site owners will certainly look into your site.

  • Notify your friends when you produce something that will assist them. When you do so, they must certainly do you a favor with some link back to your site.

  • Post replies to people's queries on Yahoo! Answers. In case you have no resource on your website that will aid in answering a query, build one right away. Get a link from Yahoo! Answers. It is highly effective.

  • Reply to queries on Google Groups. It resembles Yahoo! Answers.

  • Submit your website to thousands of web directories free of cost. These directories have a lot of websites listed under several categories. Your site must be there as well!

  • Make a submission to blog directories. They have countless blogs listed in different categories.

  • There is the option to submit to paid directories if you have no shortage of funds.

  • Build a lens on Squidoo regarding yourself.

  • Become a member of nearby clubs that have their own websites and add a link into your member's area.

  • Put an advertisement in Craigslist. It is a huge, web-based classified website.

  • Create a couple of more blogs. You can build blogs free of cost on WordPress, Blogger, etc. Give your major blog a link every now and then. You might even add fresh content to your blog once in a week.

  • Purchase links. There is a service like Text Link Ads to buy and rent links. Renting links is similar to purchasing links, but the only difference is the links are not permanent. Normally, you need to make payment for this kind on a monthly basis.

  • Purchase posts from other bloggers. There are services such as ReviewMe and Pay Per Post to purchase posts for your site.

  • Devote a moment or two each week to conduct Q&A sessions for novices in your specialized field. They will certainly give a link to your website.

  • Put a link to your website in the signature section whenever you create or reply to threads in various forums.

  • Resort to complimentary promotion! Just let your friends know about your new website.

  • In case you seek a homepage built of Flash, make certain that you have placed a 'Skip Intro' link.

  • Request other bloggers to write on your site, obviously for a link.

  • Write reviews of products in your area on other websites. It is an effective way to fast project yourself as an expert in your domain. Users reading your reviews will land up on your site via links integrated.

  • Post comments on e-newspapers. The majority of the writers will pursue the link back to your website.

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