What is Online Homebased Business all about?

Making money online is a very profitable and most exciting opportunity available for anyone. Imagine being able to take orders every hour of the day on autopilot. Whether you are looking to make your wildest dreams come true or just looking to make some extra money for that new car, credit cards, etc., this is the easiest way to start down that road of financial freedom. Lets see.

The average annual income of an employee in the US is $26,000. The average annual income of a successful online home business in the US is $50,250. 20% of home based Internet entrepreneurs reported their businesses grossed between $100,000 and $500,000! So what are you waiting for? ClassyHost webdesign network has everything to make you rich in a short period of time!

What is Amazon Affiliate website and how it make revenues?

This is e-commerce store which pulls from thousands of latest and hot selling products from! The best thing in Your Affiliate is on every product which displayed in your store is optimized automatic by which your commissions to affiliate account is more. The affiliate program is one of the most successful Business ventures on the internet with over a million members globally. Not only do you get the commission for all purchases from your website, but you also receive 8.5% in referral fees if anyone else joins up!

This site runs on Auto-pilot... You won't have to do anything! That's right, you do NOT need any web experience and you will NOT have to learn website design, programming, coding or anything else in order to run this website! There is no inventory to stock, no products to ship yourself and no hassles with making updates to the website!

Amazon Affiliate Site Features:

Fully automated and self-updating - All products displayed in the store is syndicated from site automatically. All you will be responsible for is advertising and promoting your site so that is receives traffic and generates revenue. The more visitors, the more your income potential will be!

Professional Custom Admin Panel - The custom admin section will let you change the Manage Aboutus and Videos, customize your meta tags to help you rank higher in major search engines and generate more money. It also lets you control your Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon and banners. This means there is no manual editing of files at all - NO CODING OR PROGRAMMING!

Videos Section - Displays streaming videos related to your website from other sites such as youtube and other video sites. These videos will be displayed right on your site! Videos will appear on your site as they are uploaded to these other sites or you can choose from almost literally millions of videos to embed right on your own website. Watch videos directly on your site!

eBay Hotoffer Section - With your ebay partner program, you will be able to provide your visitors with relevant ebay auctions that are ending soon. Auctions that end soon are more likely to result in sales because your visitors don't have to wait days for the auction to end and risk forgetting to bid on it.

Earn between 4% to 9% on every single item sold through your store! - Since all items are drop shipped to your customer, there is no inventory to keep stocked, no merchant accounts to setup, no credit card transactions to process, no packing, shipping, or customer service to provide. Everything is taken care of and you can work from home by simply promoting your website. This site is fully automated and there is nothing to do except to promote/advertise this site!

User Forum Section - This is giving an good opportunity to users to share their views on the products, services or any other stuff which they wants the opinion of others and share the views on various topics.

Services Section - This section is one of the imporant money making features added in the site, it is purely dynamic in nature, the product related service companies can post their services along with their company details in the site by paying some money or free of cost by setting it in admin control panel. This is a great feature which helps your user stay in the site and come back always as here he will get everyshorts of thing on their products.

Tell a friend Section - A user can inform his friends/relatives directly from the website regarding the hot product so that it will popularise the site quickly.

Many products include free shipping - A lot of the products are sold at the lowest price possible and most items even offer FREE SHIPPING! This will help keep you in competition with other internet retailers on the web!

Thousands of new items updated every single day - New items are automatically added to your site and discontinued items are automatically removed as needed. This will ensure that your site will always have the most recent content/products at the lowest possible prices anywhere out there!

Multiple INCOME streams - This Includes google adsense, products sales, shopping ads, and banner advertisement sales!

There is no cost to partner with this merchant! - Earn 4% to 9% commission from your own purchases AND Earn 4% to 9% commission from purchases your friends and family make from your site!

Secure for your customers - Your Website Store comes equipped with a secure checkout using fraud protection technology. As a website owner, you receive added credibility and shoppers feel more comfortable purchasing from your online store. You can finally Sell Online with confidence and give your buyers a better shopping experience!

Your income sources & profit

This Amazon Affiliate websites will Help you with the numerous ways for making money.

Google Adsense - This Website is already SEO optimized for the best ads! You will get paid $0.01 to over $35 every time someone clicks on these ads. With google ads, website visitors equals money for you!

Amazon - This website comes fully stocked with products already listed and available for sale on your website. New products released will automatically be updated on the site. Get paid up to 5-25% per product you sell.

eBay Auctions - You will earn 25% - 75% of eBay's Revenue on ALL Winning Bids or Buy It Now items and up to $35 for each active registered user you refer to eBay!

Banner Ad Space - You can use your website to sell as much additional ad space as you wish! Charge whatever you want. Great way to make recurring monthly income!

Services Advertisement - You can use your website service section for setting up a amount for displaying the services by service provider in monthly or yearly basis as you like. It generates a good amount of revenue.

Website Purchase Includes:

  • Domain name: You can use your existing or We can make a purchase on your behalf.
  • Hosting on a Dedicated and Reliable server is from $5.00 per month. You are able to choose your own package. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months prepayment options.

  • Complete license to your website design, graphics, and programming for your installed domain only.
  • Complete turnkey operation. No training needed.
  • FREE! We can insert your Google, Amazon etc. code to your site at no additional charge!
  • FREE! Friendly and Professional E-mail support for as long as you host with us.
  • FREE! We will submit your websites to all main search engines.
  • FREE BONUS! We will also give you free access to our marketing guides.

Payment and Shipping

We accept PayPal payments in multiple currencies (using a checking account, credit and debit card).

After you pay you will get an information about how to sign up for your domain name and hosting account. Once you do that we will configure your domain nameservers, create a hosting account and set up the website. Then we will send you your cPanel (the control panel for your hosting account) information, your website details, your bonus software downloads.

Warranty and Guarantee

The complete set of websites, contents, product downloads and scripts are guaranteed to work at the time when the website is set up and transferred to you.


If you need any customization on the design or features, we can do it. But it will be charge extra on the hourly rate of $8. We can add new features or modify existing one as per your requirements.

Internet Marketing/SEO Services

We are also providing SEO Services through which we promoting the site and bringing good traffic along with make target keywords on Google first page. We are also provides guranteed Top 10 Ranking services.

Complete Website Cost:
Discount : 50%
Offer Price : $50.00

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Essential Requirements:
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 Search Engine Optimization (For better revenue)
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