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Difference between Amazon Affiliate site with E-commercer website


E-commerce Website

Amazon Affiliate website


E-commerce site is for business owner who has with their own products and wants to sell online to all the user.

Amazon Affiliate Website is basically focusing on selling products from Amazon Store. There site owner has no products of their own


The site owner set the price for their products along with shipping amount.

Amazon Affiliate site everything is coming from its concern store owner.


The site owner manage shipping and handling of the products.

There is no control on the products, price, shipping, or handling of the site. Actual store owner control everything.


To run the site, site owner needs a paypal account.

To run the affiliate website site owner needs to have an amazon associate accounts.


This site is for Business owner who have their own products. The business owner needs to spend time on the site regularly to manage the site.

It is for them who wants extra money or part time income sources. There is no time needs to give for the site

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