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How to Join Affiliate Program


In recent times, the World Wide Web has witnessed a surge in affiliate marketing activities because of the presence of several best affiliate programs and a slew of benefits associated with them. First of all, the entry to the world of affiliate marketing is trouble-free since you needn't make a huge investment or maintain an inventory. All you have to do is advertise the offerings of a parent company through many different ways. One effective way is to put text or banner ads on your webpages and collect commission when a visitor clicks on them or makes a purchase ultimately.

As far as the best affiliate programs are concerned, you can opt for Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank or Infolinks. All of these programs have been integrated into our readymade sites. No matter what kind of online business you want to own, ScriptGalore can help you realize your dream in a professional and affordable way. If you don't know how to join a particular affiliate marketing program, then read the instructions below and act quickly! A huge sum of money is ready to be poured into your account.


Google AdSense is possibly the most straightforward way of making money online. As soon as you get the approval to run an AdSense program, Google will put AdSense ads on your site and you will grow your income whenever visitors click on them.

The website you’re going to purchase has multiple AdSense ad sections placed strategically. So, you can now prepare yourself to receive checks from Google every month.

Click on the link underneath to join the AdSense program and comply with the directions given.

Upon applying for AdSense for the first time, your application normally goes through two steps. The foremost step takes place straightaway after you apply and if you get through it successfully, you enjoy access to your AdSense account as well as to the advertisement code. The latter step occurs only after you execute the code on your web page; this will start the second review automatically. 

While the review process is going on, you will in the meantime notice an alert box in your AdSense account which notifies you that till the final approval, your ad blocks will remain blank. As soon as the second and final review comes to an end, live advertisements will be displayed on your website automatically and you will receive a confirmation email from Google regarding the activation of your ads. 



Amazon Associates program is one of the widely admired and preferred affiliate programs. It is an outstanding way to make your novel website a great source of generating revenues.

Your new site will be home to thousands of items listed across hundreds of pages for your potential customers to select from. There is no headache related to the procurement of inventory, storage and maintenance of inventory and shipments, because when the checkout button on your store is clicked, it smoothly redirects to the checkout section of Amazon and they will manage all the matters concerning sale, shipping and customer support.

How does the whole thing function? You as the associate offer Amazon products for sale on your site. Every item on your site contains a specifically formatted link integrated with your Associate ID. This assists Amazon in tracking visits and sales accomplished through your website.  

So when visitors to your site click on your product links and go on to make a purchase, Amazon will pay you a percentage of their profit, which varies between 4 percent and 60 percent.

ClickBank ads offer virtually unlimited potential to make earnings. Your novel website is equipped with an extremely straightforward and effective means to advertise ClickBank products. Each page of the site contains alluring ClickBank advertisements integrated with your affiliate ID.

ClickBank is known to provide attractive commissions in the range of 50-75 percent on their sales of products. Various Pay per Click programs yield nominal income for every click; however by placing ClickBank ads on your website, you can even make $150 with a solitary click only.

The sidebar of every page of your site contains ClickBank banners that are embedded with your affiliate ID. These banners can also be placed at other applicable areas and on your site's Programs Page. The ads on the Programs Page make use of a feed supplied by CBProAds. For more details, see below.

Your website displays a number of ClickBank ads that demand you join a membership program.

Various ClickBank products on your new website can be promoted in a very simple and effective manner. Each of the ClickBank ads posted on different web pages has been integrated with your affiliate ID.

The ClickBank program generally offers a membership free of cost. Subsequently, your affiliate ID is embedded in the ads in 50 percent of the cases. In the rest 50 percent of cases, the publishers' ID will be integrated into the ads. However, by upgrading to a Pro Account for $39.95 per annum, you can have your affiliate ID embedded in 100% cases.

Infolinks work in the same manner as a Pay per Click Advertising system. Every time the visitors to your website click on an infolink in the textual advertisement, you earn money! 

Infolinks are usually placed inside the content of your site in the form of double underlined hyperlinks of a selected text. When the mouse pointer is hovered over them, a floating informative bubble becomes visible with message from an advertiser. Whenever clicked, the visitor is taken to the landing page of the advertiser and you as the website owner make handsome income via such an action. However, a click needs to happen because when the mouse is taken away from the hyperlink, the bubble vanishes.

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